StarMark Cabinetry’s Attention to Detail

Cabinet Detail

The StarMark Difference is in the Details of Kitchen Renovation!

The details you can’t see are most of the time the most important! With roll out drawers and swing out storage for rack cabinets that eliminates useless depth in standard cabinetry, the possibilities are endless with StarMark!

Each cabinet is individually made...not each cabinet set...but each cabinet of every set is made with hundreds of details. From a custom design for show to display your pride and joy to the many details that provide ultimate storage and smart designs for easy navigation and organization.

After bathroom or new kitchen cabinets are installed and a counter top is laid for the final touch, much of the detailed work is hidden for a lifetime. Most kitchen renovation projects that use mass quantity cabinet manufacturers, they may not even notice the poor quality and lack of detail like the sides connecting with the face frame using weak butt joints.

Other manufactures may live by the motto, “What mamma don’t know won’t hurt her”, but we believe so strongly in the details...because the details are what give StarMark the confidence to say that our new kitchen cabinets will last a lifetime!

Just a Few StarMark Differences for Kitchen Renovation and Cabinetry:

  • The Dado Difference with StarMark- We use dado joints to assemble our cabinetry unlike most who use a simple butt joint that “butts them up against each other”. The dado joint in much more intricate and uses a slot or trench that is precisely cut into the wood and ensures that they don’t come apart.
  • We add side-to-side runners to inset cabinetry to insure the new kitchen cabinets keep their shape for years and years.
  •  We also build our inset cabinetry with captive tops and bottoms so the cabinets stay square.

StarMark cabinets are made here in the U.S.A for any home or kitchen renovation

We are proud to say we are located in the heartland of the country and have our cabinets available throughout the united states. We use only american vendors for our materials and provide jobs to the most talented wood craftsmen. Your new kitchen cabinets or other cabinetry is delivered assembled and saves you money on installation. Providing jobs here in South Dakota to bring beautiful rack cabinets, storage cabinets and much more right to your home that are built in 1/16 inch increments so you can use every bit of the space you need!