StarMark Cabinetry’s Over 100 Cabinet Colors

Cabinet Colors 3

White Kitchen Cabinets Are Most Popular and Come In Many Shades!

White kitchen cabinets have been the popular choice and still carry on as the preferred choice! StarMark offers 13 pages of different shades and glazes for white kitchen cabinets! You can add a personal touch with a glaze. Taking your white kitchen cabinets and adding a touch of nickel or bronze can change the whole look of your cabinets and even compliment your appliances!

White is always a color for smaller spaces! Consider white bathroom cabinets for limited space and give the appearance of a bigger bathroom!

Gray or Black Kitchen cabinets are a close second in cabinet color favorites!

Popular colors for cabinetry tend to lean on the more neutral colors that compliment any style of home. Black kitchen cabinets or a darker shade of gray kitchen cabinets could be the best thing for a family with little fingerprints!

StarMark allows you to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to you colored or white kitchen cabinets!

    The StarMark Difference:
  • Customized sizes- Complete control over height, width and depth! Get creative with more than just your cabinet color!
  • Combine Cabinets for easier installations
  • Lifetime warranty---The typical warranty for cabinetry falls around 7 years….not with StarMark….we provide replacement parts for a lifetime!! Did we mention that we intentionally label the back of every drawer with custom info about that cabinet and order number information so no paperwork is ever needed to get the repairs you need??
  • All American! We do not ship materials in from anywhere but the U.S. and all our craftsmen are located in America’s heartland!