StarMark Cabinetry's Handcrafted Quality

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StarMark Handcrafted Quality & All American Custom Cabinets

Right in America’s heartland...
StarMark Custom Cabinets are handcrafted in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Why not import materials or cabinets from overseas for a fraction of the price?? BECAUSE - We believe the American People deserve the jobs and have the talent! We also provide faster delivery to anywhere in the country being centrally located! ALL of our business is done here...when you need us, we are right here! StarMark custom cabinets aren't the only quality product we produce. We give quality customer service! We are always prompt in returning calls and resolving issues.

Our customer service doesn’t stop with our phone etiquette. We have a form of quality assurance that inspects the entire process of your custom cabinets, from ordering to delivery. This team is our CI Team or Continuous Improvement!

A Handcrafted Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet Is Affordable!

We meet people all the time who are under the impression that anything handcrafted is too fancy for their budget! With StarMark...we make custom cabinets affordable! You can have the kitchen or bathroom cabinet you want for a reasonable price.

    How A StarMark Handcrafted Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet is in Your Budget:
  • Lifetime Warranty- First and Foremost, our custom cabinets will last you FOREVER! You know what’s not in your budget? Replacing cabinets every 7 years.
  • Smaller installation Bill- Our Cabinetry arrives to its destination already assembled because we want to save you money during installation. This also ensures that everything is a perfect fit!
  • 1/16 Increments- Our Cabinets are built in such precise increments that we make the most accurate fit and smart designs making every bit of your cabinetry useful and not wasteful!

Nothing Like A Custom China Cabinet or Display Case from StarMark

Although we have pretty advanced tools that create very accurate and stunning details...they are only as good as the craftsmen using them. Most everything we do is done by hand!

  • Sanding
  • Glazing
  • Distress Wood
  • Door Assembly

We do not leave our quality up to a machine and we have not seen a piece of machinery that has the artistic judgment like our craftsmen. Every single piece of your custom kitchen, display, storage or china cabinet is handled by a real life person who works with a sense of pride that everything they pass on might as well have their signature on it!