StarMark Cabinetry Color Matching Program

Color Match Program 2

StarMark Expert Color Matching for Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs

StarMark is one of the few cabinet craftsmen who will color match just about anything. Do you have unique color schemes in your home and want to integrate your kitchen to your current colors? With StarMark, you can create just about any cabinet color! Although white cabinets are the most popular and still rather traditional, adding color can make all the difference!

Considering to add a display case or china cabinet to your already beautiful cabinetry? It might seem to impossible to get a perfect color match but with StarMark you can continue to add on to your home cabinetry knowing that we have your back!

We can mix a color for your cabinet to match:

  • Fabric Samples
  • Paint Chips or Swatches
  • Stain Swatches
  • Furniture
  • And Much More!

We have created over 600 custom colors for homes around the country! You can be the next to create a unique cabinet color to make our gallery!

Cabinet Colors from StarMark That You Will Love!

From Amaretto to White cabinets with Nickel Glaze, we have 100+ custom colors that are just as appealing as the name! Several shades and tones for every color to get just the right color for you!

Visit StarMark’s custom cabinet Color Gallery and browse for the perfect color! You can also find unique kitchen cabinet designs and browse the StarMark Online Gallery for more great ideas!

StarMark also shares the modern kitchen cabinet designs to keep you informed of What’s Trending Now for Kitchen Cabinets! Get popular colors, styles and designs!

StarMark -- The All American Cabinet!

StarMark is a proud company who values the hardworking American! StarMark is located in South Dakota, providing jobs to skilled craftsmen and only uses american vendors for raw material supplies. We believe in quality work and amazing custom service. This is why with StarMark, you get outstanding kitchen cabinet designs, high quality products and fast responses to quickly resolve any issue!