StarMark Cabinetry Warranty and Care

Warranty Care 2

MADE IN THE USA! Right in America’s heartland...StarMark Cabinetry is handcrafted in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

StarMark Cabinetry Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Now you may be wondering….What do we warrant to be a lifetime? Is that is dog years? Is that until the cabinet’s life comes to an end?? NO! A lifetime with StarMark means that you buy our cabinetry today and you never have to keep a receipt or proof of purchase and if you ever need a replacement part...we just send it to you. We want your cabinetry to be as perfect then as it will be today!

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How is the Cost of Kitchen Cabinets Affordable with StarMark?

  • Lifetime Warranty- First and Foremost, our cabinetry lasts you FOREVER! You know what’s not in your budget? Replacing cabinets every 7 years.
  • Smaller installation Bill- Our Cabinetry arrives to its destination already assembled because we want to save you money during installation. This also ensures that everything is a perfect fit!
  • 1/16 Increments- Our Cabinets are built in such precise increments that we make the most accurate fit and smart designs making every bit of your cabinetry useful and not wasteful!

Cleaning Kitchen Wood Cabinets is Simple and Easy!

    Cleaning cabinetry
  • Use a damp, clean, lint-free cloth that is free of loose fibers. Cloth diapers and terry cloth work well.
  • Don’t use a cloth that you use on dishes or countertops. It could contain detergents, residue and fibers that will harm your cabinets.
  • If a cleanser is necessary, use a mild, liquid, non-abrasive cleaner. Murphy’s Oil Soap is a good choice.
  • Apply the cleanser to your cleaning cloth. Don’t apply directly to the cabinet.
  • Work in small areas so you can dry the cabinet immediately with a clean, lint-free cloth that is free of loose fibers.